How Fared My Thanksgiving Side Dish

December 2, 2009 at 9:38 am

Brad Moldofsky

The root vegetable medly wasn’t quite the hit as, oh, the pumpkin pie or the sweet-sweet-sweet potato soufflé with marshmallows on top. All the adults at Thanksgiving dinner swallowed a heap of it to counterbalance the traditional fat- and carb-intensive meal that covered the rest of our plates. Several kids were given a small “no thank you” portion mostly of potato or carrot.

Turnip, rutabaga and parsnip have a unique flavor that, while savory and sharp, isn’t too bad. Roasting might not be the best way to serve them. A big chunk of rutabaga is a challenging piece to polish off by itself. Maybe mashing and mixing with a balancing flavor would work in the future. Parsnips always make it into every batch of chicken soup I make, but my kids and wife avoid it out of habit. Perhaps it’s an unattractive vegetable, but soup isn’t a beauty pageant. Parsnip brings a tangy, zesty aspect to my soups that distinguish them from the canned, salty stuff that’s quicker to prepare. My task now is to get the kids to eat rutabaga once again and ask for seconds.


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  1. The Wife says:

    Good luck with the rutabaga challenge, dear. The dish was not bad, except for the rutabagas and turnips, but what do I know, I delight in the once-a-year treat of that mushy, bland green bean casserole.

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