Last Week on the Local Beet

November 21, 2009 at 5:24 pm

Rob Gardner

We try to have new material up Monday through Friday, but we do not always meet our goals. We also know that you do not always come here Monday through Friday. Here’s a re-cap of what’s gone up last week on the Local Beet.

We are madly preparing to eat local this winter. We think it is very doable, just follow these keys

We are putting all our Eat Local Winter material together in one handy post.    To date we have besides your keys:

Besides getting you ready for winter, we got you up to date on what the locavores are doing in jail.

We have our Local Calendar to help you know what’s still out there and where to find it. 

We told you about Mado’s butchering class shortly before it sold out, but you still have tons of time for the FamilyFarmed Expo and Chicago Food Policy Summit in March of 2010.

Melissa also found a new use for beets and a seasonal way to treat waffles.

Tom got a comment and changed his view on Half Acre’s retail store.

Rob reminded us of one of the best decisions he’s made.

Thanks for eating local with us.