What’s “Practically” New @ The Local Beet

November 17, 2009 at 9:43 am

Rob Gardner

Before we had the first bit of content, before even we had out snazzy beet logo, we had our tagline.  The Local Beet would be dedicated to a practical approach to local eating.  And to us, a practical approach has always meant two things.  Firstly, practical meant how we approached local eating.  We would not be zealots.  We ate local but we were not necessarily locavores.  We are surely not ones to skip our morning coffee, nor do we forsake a sack of oranges come winter.  Practical meant there was not a way to eat local.  Secondly, practical meant that we would help you eat local.  We would provide resources such as a CSA guide and a farmer’s market locator.   We know that over a year into putting material in this space, that we have done a great job of emphasizing our approach to local eating, bit we can do a better job in providing practical resources to help you eat local.

We believe it is practical to continue to eat local in the Chicago area even as the leaves fall and the days shorten.  We have put up a variety of resources to assist you eat local this winter:

We’ve always published recipes, showing you what to do with the foods you buy at our farmer’s markets, but we think we should have more recipes.  We also think we can organize them better.  We are collecting all our cold weather recipes here.  We especially like our latest beet recipe.

We keep track of local winter markets and other activities in our Local Calendar.  It’s not just for the weekends.  Check in often for the latest eat local events.

We believe in keeping you informed on a range of topics.  In our latest feature, Melissa Graham relates her venture into a green area within our Cook County Jail.

We are all over local beer, with Tom Keith.  He recently visited the new Half Acres store.

We have many ways to follow us.

Coming: someone recently asked us about where to get grass-fed beef.  Our answer will be up soon.

Coming: one of our foodie friends also expresses doubts

Coming: another foodie friend warns us on some issues with getting local meat

Let us know how else we can make local eating practical to you.