(One of the) Best Decisons I’ve Made

November 17, 2009 at 1:35 pm

Rob Gardner

Boy, do I know some doozie of decisions I’ve made over the years.  I can balance them out with some good ones.  One decision I am especially pleased with is my decision to go local over three years ago. I like eating local.

My family and I embarked on our eat local odyssey before we knew of any eat local challenge and before we heard of the word locavore.  It’s been a good journey.  If we began as much for the challenge, could it be done, we continue for a few simple reasons.

Michael provides some excellent reasons for eating local.   And another eat local vanguard, Jen Maiser, has ten good reasons.  I can distill it down to two factors.

  1. Local food stands for food grown, produced or manufactured in ways that matter to me.  It means food that does not waste fuels getting to me.  It means animals raised and slaughtered humanely.  It means food created with care and a sense of artisinalship.  It means respect for the land, sustainable farming practices.  All the isms and buzz word that matter, that matter to me get rolled up in the words local food.
  2. I like to eat, perhaps I like to eat too much, but I like to eat.  The best way to eat well is to eat local.  Local gets you food that is fresher, arriving soon after harvest.  This, of course, means food that could be picked at its peaked moments.  Local also means the ability to get foods that taste good but make lousy supermarket fare.  It may have limited mass appeal (the gooseberry) or may crush and splatter too easy (like a good heirloom tomato).   Moreover, my vendors have the ability, nay the luxury to grow twelve kinds of potatoes and twice that in apples.  All those “things that matter” mentioned above, well I find those things also bring fourth great taste too.  I am a happy eat local eater.

I can boil it down more by saying local repersents food I know.  Maybe all I know is where it was made, but often that is enough.  I know I can learn more.  I know most of the farmers that sell me my produce.  I know where my beef, pork and lamb got raised (I even got to meet my cow).  I know I am happy to be eating local.



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