Back and Fightin’ Over $400+

November 3, 2009 at 9:50 am

Rob Gardner

I had big plans to post while off in Austin.  There would have been Menu Monday noting the apples noted; Linky Wednesday introducing some obscure locavore and the latest rebuttal of the McWilliams book, and there would be a local calender exhorting you all to continue to market shop.  Then, I ran into one problem.  The proxy server at the office where I resided last week figured out something we’ve tried to keep hidden.   The Local Beet seems to be a porn site.  True.  I was blocked from logging on there.  All my posts ended up just in my head.  Well, I returned late Friday and was shopping local again on Saturday.  By the end of the weekend, this Local Family spent over $400, and between the Family, we did not always agree on how that money should have been spent.

My wife and I showed up at the last Oak Park Farmer’s Market with nearly $200 worth of cash.  We left without any grapes, which seemed a real shame, later that morning because we used all that cash.  We decided to go to hit the ATM and hit the first Logan Square indoor winter market the next day to buy what we did not buy with the first $200.  A day later, we found we spent well over $200 and still did not get any local grapes.  Spending all that eat local dollars did not come easy.

I might have surmised cash flow problems on Saturday when I committed an extra 25 cents each for end of market special chocolate donuts instead of the typical cinnamon-sugar we normally get.  But I felt cash flush.  Tossing away $30 on two half-bushels of apples, empire and granny smith, seemed like a good investment.  We were on the same page.  Getting delicata squash for $1/lb from Nichols started fine, my wife makes a fine sweet-sour dish with them.  Yet, as she filled up one bag and wanted a second for squash, I had an image that all we would eat for the next four months would be delicata squash.  Slowing her down only brought consternation.  And she was not to be slowed down when it came to chicken backs from Dennis and Emily Wettstein because they were still on sale.  She makes the stock after all, who was I to complain.  We had to get eggs and a half a turkey too.  The bank roll rolled off with more storage apples (honeycrisp), some pears.  She holds cauliflowers nearly as dear as delicata squash, and we got two large.  We veered back to storage needs with a 25 lb bag of onions, but I also insisted we eat now too.  I found enough cash for poblano peppers and the really last heirloom tomatoes.  When it came time for grapes, for other stuff to eat now and not later, we plum ran out of cash.

We filled up for Logan Square market.  Managed to spend way more though.  A meat CSA from Mint Creek, could you pass?  We slapped down a card for that.  The cash went mostly for many packages of bacon from Jake’s Country Meats, since they were wheelin’ and dealin’ in large purchases.  Our long term potato needs still need filling.  We got some there.  For the short term we got kale, if you could pass up the fancier “lacinato”, and we could, the kale was at a good price.  Of course good price means good fights and we disputed exactly how much kale should go back to the Bungalow.  And I mostly bit my tongue when my wife said she wanted, nay needed, to buy sorrel.  It was only a few bucks.  We spent a lot on Sunday, but not that much of our cash as there was no grapes or peppers or much else of the looking back kind of things.

We had cash also that would have gone to buying more roots.  I mean in spending all our cash on Saturday, we did buy two bags of carrots from Farmer Vicki’s Genesis Growers, but used up the money before we could get rutabagas or related.  We have bought not a single celery root so far this year.  Logan Square did not meed any of our root cellar in the sky root requirements.  All that cash, all that spending, all that fighting over how, and we are not quite ready.  Anyone up for Green City Market tomorrow?

Coming soon: the rants commence