Morton Grove Farmers Market Update

October 16, 2009 at 12:01 pm

The Morton Grove Farmer’s Market committee met again on Thursday, October 15. Our first location fell through because of insurance concerns by the property owner. We’ve still got a number of places willing to work with us, but it’s a complex formula determining the ideal spot. Good visibility, ample parking, easy access from Niles and Edgebrook, avoiding major roads that will be under construction in 2010. Nonetheless, we’re making progress. A small group of vendors has shown sincere interest in participating and multiple community groups in the village have pledged their support. All this is being driven by the immense willpower of committee leader Kristina Otte, whose tireless efforts, phone calls and e-mails spur on the volunteers, potential sponsors and vendors. In addition into identifying the perfect spot for the market, we’ve got to move ahead with becoming a non-profit corporation, which will make all the future steps that much easier.