Gourmet Free Linky Wednesday?

October 7, 2009 at 9:13 am

Rob Gardner

You think the Local Beet can ignore the biggest foodie news in ages this Linky Wednesday; the impending closure of Gourmet Magazine.  I thought at first, Linky Wednesday would be bereft of Good Living remembrances and arguments why Cook’s Illustrated deserves to live on (between you and me, I’d rather have Gourmet), but then in today’s Tribune, in the epitome of why print is passe, their “reporting” on the Gourmet story, reminds me of something Local Beet worthy about Gourmet.  Of all the foodie mags, of Chris Kimball and Gail Fisher, Martha’s and Food and Wine, Real Simple to Saveur, would any of them break the story of the Florida tomato wages (here’s a follow-up with some good news).  Gourmet was not just taking you to Costa Smeralda.  It was taking you to Florida where it really mattered.

In recent years, good living at Gourmet very much included being a Locavore.  The restaurant issues have been highlighting farm-to-table restaurants across the country.  And you know what, I never paid much attention to Gourmet come Linky Wednesday, but now that its going, I find I could have filled up all Wednesday’s with material from them.  How about this recent post on Michigan local food.  Or this one on the revival of certain heirloom vegetables.  Yet, their archives show too, from almost ten years ago, that we could winter farm, and way back then, there were featurettes on local farmers.  Do you buy from any of these guys today?  I’m going to miss Gourmet a lot more than I thought. 

Let’s not forget that Gourmet published Jane and Michael Stern each month, the happy couple who have done more to remind us that eating local is also about the tastes of your local.  Here they are giving you a tiny taste of local for each of our 50 states.  I’ll miss them each month.

Helen Rosner finds out that Alice Waters and I are on the same page.

I wonder if any of the good stuff from Gourmet will stay with their “commitment to their brand” (via).

Chicagoist has the obligatory Gourmet piece, but we’d rather link to their behind the scenes look at North Shore Distillery.

This collection of Wisconsin cheeses is certainly something Ruth Reichel would champion on Gourmet.

Editor-in-Chief Morowitz has some homework for you to take your mind off of Gourmet.

And if that’s not enough reading, here’s some bitter backlashing to get your really wanting a nice Gourmet escape. (Of course Rob Smart’s already smartly picking this one apart.)

Molly looks at Gourmet as just another thing to tear up, how much more of an eat local dog should she be?

Any more ways we can work Gourmet into Linky Wednesday?