Locavore Updates Linky Wednesday

September 30, 2009 at 8:02 am

Rob Gardner

The Green City Market’s Locavore Challenge ended last week.   Let’s check in with some would-be locavores as well as our already there friends around the World Wide Web.

No wrap up from Supriya.  Wonder how she did.

On the other hand, Making Chicago Home makes it to the end.

Chef Stegner’s still posting menu ideas.

Once again, here’s the list of official participants at Green City Market.  Seek them out and find out how they did.

Rob Smart’s wrapped it up with some smart suggestions.

In New England, she’s just getting going.  She’s been going along just fine for a while.

It’s not just a Northern Hemisphere thing.

If you missed it in the comments, this locavore, Heather, showed us even more, that cost does not have to be the challenge in the Locavore Challenge.

Of course Pleasant House gets a weekly link, especially with posts like this.

Here’s an excellent recent story about people in Illinois making it possible to have eat local challenges.

Progress in Illinois getting more widely known too.

Know any good locavores.  Let us know so we can be part of our Linky Wednesdays.