Locavore Challenge Linky Wednesday

September 23, 2009 at 9:18 am

Rob Gardner

See who’s taking the Challenge:

Supriya Doshi has a hard time in week two.

Making Chicago Home is making it local.

Chef Sarah Stegner gives her take and tips.

Big Jones is also up for the Challenge.

Re-nest is not so much up for the Challenge but wants to know if others are.

Know any of these people?  Ask them how it went.

Outside of Chicago, others are challenging themselves to eat more local.

Rob Smart’s going for it.

A bunch of others will too, keep an eye here.

In Toronto, they’re on week three!

It’s an Ivy League kinda thing.

Can’t be hard to do in Northern California or Vermont.

And it’s not an eat local challenge blog, but I am always impressed by the challenge of finding wild foods.

Let us know about any Locavore Challenge blogs we missed.