Shall We Give Linky Wednesday Another Try?

September 9, 2009 at 9:30 am

Rob Gardner

Shall we see what’s on offer around the world of local food.

Shall we peek behind the scenes at the latest Sky Full of Bacon launch event.

Shall we tell everyone how good local food is for their economies.

Shall we meet the goats at Prairie Fruits Farm.

Shall we pledge to be locavores for the next two weeks.  Shall we expect consternation from the Local Beet editors anon.  You betcha!

Shall we keep an eye on someone taking the challenge.  Someone else.

Shall we know more ways to address the people who challenge our locavore challenge.

Shall you wonder why I think twice about Ice Cream Fest next year, this gives you some idea.

Shall we admire UnCommon Ground again.

Shall we peek inside the lunch box’s of the kids of famous chefs.

Shall we hold a contest for better apple names?

Shall we find ourselves in Louisville this week, we’d be going here for lunch.

Shall we need much, much more local food links, go follow Chef Kurt Michael Friese.