Creating a Farmers Market: Morton Grove Report

September 4, 2009 at 11:14 am

Morton Grove wants to start its own farmer’s market. Seeing a need in both MG and Niles, as well as Edgebrook and other surrounding communities, resident Kristina Otte gathered almost two dozen municipal officials and civic boosters on a recent evening to review what it takes to launch a local market. Fundraising the few grand needed to get started seemed like one of the easier tasks. Choosing a time and location that attracts traffic, doesn’t conflict with private or public concerns, has enough parking, doesn’t compete with nearby markets and convinces vendors to sign up remain the biggest challenges. Complicating matters is that next year, Dempster St. will be under major renovation, snarling traffic through what might have been some great market locations. Attendees added to a wish list that includes kids activities, musical entertainment and a skew toward ethnic vegetables. There’s still time left for all these decisions before next June, when Otte hopes to have the market up and running.