Bloggin’ My CSA: Delivery Six

September 3, 2009 at 9:44 am

Here’s a quick look back at the last delivery.

Delivery 5 was pretty easy to go through. The crust-less quiche used up the chard and some corn (and eggs, of course). A lot of the rest of the stuff was simply roasted or eaten raw. It was surprisingly easy to get through. I’ve still got some thyme, rhubarb, and carrots. I blanched and froze the green beans.

So, delivery six is here and it’s pretty nice:

  • Four ears of corn
  • Turnip greens: This wins the “interesting item of the week” award. I’ve never cooked turnip greens before. I would have enjoyed to have the turnips that these grew out of.
  • Peppers Anaheims (nice) and a couple more bell peppers which I have no strong feelings about. At least the red one looks pretty.
  • Red leaf lettuce There will be salad.
  • Big bag o’ basil There will be pesto.
  • Red onions I cannot function in a kitchen without onions. Keep em’ coming.
  • One cucumber This is the kind of stuff that I’m not sure I want so much of in a CSA. There’s been a lot of cucumbers this year. It’s astoundingly easy to grow these in a home garden.
  • Tomatoes a mixture of conventional and an heirloom variety. Tomatoes are easy to use.
  • Two melons I’m not sure if these are muskmelons or honeydew. I’m hoping for muskmelon. Honeydew bores me.

So, let’s have those turnip green suggestions! I’ll probably have to get cracking on this stuff tonight or tomorrow. I doubt they’ll keep long.

Lentil Salad