Does Wednesday Mean Linky Wednesday

September 2, 2009 at 1:35 pm

Rob Gardner

Last week I got around to the return of Linky Wednesday on Thursday and missed Friday’s Local Calender completely.  This week, I assured myself that our round of Eat Local links would be up and at ‘em by Wednesday AM.  I did not count on the utter collapse of our computer power cord.  Well, $100 poorer, I’m ready to link away.  Let’s see what they are saying about the locavore lifestyle.

Does your wink and nod and handshake get you better fruit?

Does your ability to grow Iroquois corn get you noticed?

Does it take being a Bitch to be a locavore cookbook author? (via)

Does your stash of juneberries run still.

Does Linky Wednesday satisfy your link love or do you need Link Love?

Does the state of school lunches prompt you to want to do something.

Does 25 or so vendors of local ice cream sound good.

Does kale ever get boring.

Does the mushroom laying at your feet taste good without killing.

Does it seem possible to eat local in MontanaUtah.

Does the idea of cheese have you making travel plans for early November?

Does Slow Food seem less expensive to join this month.  Yes!

Does it take seven things to know in order to can.

Does your wife need another cook book.  (Hint, don’t even bother to try.)

Does it take your participation to make Linky Wednesday happen.  Karen Rocks via Twitter sends us this nice link.  What do you have.