It’s Good to Be a Locavore Back Local

August 20, 2009 at 7:52 pm

I’m not saying the fried potato filled dining that is Pittsburgh is not enjoyable in its own way, and for those who want a verdict, the best fried product goes to the Original Hot Dog Shop or the O as they call it, which not only had the best fries but was probably the best Pittsburgh meal with the hot dog on the side of those fries.  Still, one does savor the return to local. 

And we brought a little bit of Pittsburgh home with us.  On Tuesday afternoon we stuck around long enough for the Carson Street (e.g., sahtside) farmer’s market.  It featured about six vendors with a good array of stuff.  No one overwhelming like a Nichol’s, but I’d be happy shopping there.  We purchased some apples and cherry tomatoes.  On the way home after a smokey breakfast (is Indiana the last state that allows un-fettered indoor smoking?), we stopped at the Baker’s Way Garden Shop in Angola for sweet corn and Hungarian hot peppers.

We wrestled up a dinner of that corn, those tomatoes and peppers mixed with stellarly-fresh Caputo’s hand-tied mozzarella (get this, the “nodini” way over the machine made balls) dressed with some imported good olive oil, and a cucumber from the fridge done up Mexican style, that is with lime, chile powder and salt.  Slices of Freddy’s ciabatta and the remaining butter (Pastureland butter which is a good enough reason to have some corn on hand) from the corn cobs filled in any nooks and crannies left in our stomachs, but believe you me both, a meal like this really hit the spot.