Bloggin’ My CSA: The Halfway Point

August 19, 2009 at 7:29 pm

Well, we’re halfway through the delivery cycle now and summer is at its peak. Before we delve into delivery 5, a quick look back at what happened to delivery 4:

Fennel, some potatoes, and carrots went below a roast chicken that made a great dinner with plenty of leftovers. I used some of the fennel fronds along with the chives as a fresh herb in just about everything we ate this week. I should have dried the rest of the fronds because I wound up throwing away a decent amount of them after they turned yellow and lost their taste. The portobello caps were pan roasted and topped with cheese and a fried egg for lunch last saturday. There are still carrots and potatoes in the fridge and those have plenty of time left on them. No waste from the last delivery, which is good.

Delivery 5 (bad photo, sorry):

I was hoping for a little more excitement at the peak of the picking season and the start of summer apple season. No huge complaints, but nothing really exciting here:

  • Six ears of corn: Corn doesn’t last long. It’ll be tough for us to get through six ears in the next few days before it isn’t good anymore.
  • Green beans: We’ve had a lot lately, I’ll probably freeze these for the winter since we’ll be eating nothing but corn all week.
  • Peppers two green, one ivory. I don’t have much interest in bell peppers. Maybe I’ll roast ‘em, peel ‘em, and marinate them for salads.
  • Three different tomatoes I never have a problem using tomatoes. At the peak season, I basically just eat them with S&P and olive oil.
  • Red raspberries about 10% of this container had some white mold in it, which can happen very easily in a raspberry container. The rest will be eaten out of hand. I don’t understand recipes that use fresh peaches or raspberries. I never have enough of them or enough self-control to use them as an ingredient.
  • Carrots A staple that I always need. Mirepoix is required frequently.
  • Chard I love it! Need a different idea besides the chard tacos.
  • Two sweet onions one of which is severely damaged and I’ll lose half of.
  • Rhubarb which I find quite odd, since rhubarb has been out of markets for quite a few weeks now. It looks young and seems very fresh.
  • Thyme, big bag I’ll have to dry some of this. There’s too much to use up.

Crustless Quiche


  1. art says:

    Fresh corn polenta is something that is best only when you have super fresh corn.

    • Interesting. I’m not familiar with that. Polenta always means “corn meal” to me. Does fresh corn polenta use fresh corn and corn meal together? Do you have any suggestions on a recipe to use?

      • Katie says:

        I have a fresh corn polenta that uses fresh corn and corn meal together. You prepare the polenta as normal but adding in fresh corn (recipe suggests 1 cup polenta to 1 large ear of corn). It is paired with cherry tomatoes sauteed with oil, garlic and red pepper flakes, and topped with fresh herbs. I recently found this recipe, and plan to make it this week with some Italian sausage. Figured it was a good use of the corn from my CSA, and the grape tomatoes and basil from my garden.

  2. Heather says:

    I used a lot of my chard in quiche (make one up each week and you have instant breakfast!) and savory bread pudding (another great breakfast dish).

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