I’m Going to Pittsburgh, You Get an Abbreviated Local Calendar

August 13, 2009 at 9:19 pm

Rob Gardner

My parents asked me today, what are you planning to do in Pittsburgh.  “Eat french fries” I said.  In Pittsburgh, they eat them not just along side their sandwiches, they eat them in their sandwiches, and as I remember best from a business trip several years ago, they eat them in their salads too (Molly Lambert of Pittsburgh, PA says on Facebook, “It’s hard for me to eat a salad without french fries!”).  Of course beyond fries, I will be in search of local food. 

You all, just because National Farmer’s Market Week has come and gone, does not mean you cannot hit a market.  Need assistance finding a market, use the Local Beet’s Market Locator.  It will lead you to fun farmer’s around the Chicago area but also into Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana.

What will you find at said markets?  Tomatoes are just itching along, at least the most interesting heirloom-y ones.  Still, someone’s gonna need the fancy ones ’cause there’s a lot of heritage B-L-heirloom-T’s on the menu starting next week

I bet you’ll find plenty of peppers, green peppers that is.  With the cool, cool, summer it’s gonna be a while until the peppers are pretty much anything but green.  Still, as the NYTimes noted the other day, don’t be afraid of the green.  The article also points out that green can mean a lot of things in the market.  People have been raving about the way Chef Levitt has been cooking up shishito peppers.  I’m a convert to roasted, marinated hot Hungarian peppers after several visits to Milwaukee’s Serbian meccas, and like I mentioned the other day, you cannot do no worse than stuffing some Melrose peppers and frying away.

Instead of Pittsburgh, you might want to consider the Illinois State Fair, how’s that for local food!  Foodie woman around town, Cathy2 Lambrecht, will be at the Hobby, Arts and Crafts Building, “judging the Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance’s Heirloom recipe competition focusing on dishes suitable for potluck, community dinners and church suppers circa 1950 or earlier”–wow!

Otherwise, you’ll still find much that is accessible and affordable.

You can still go play veggie bingo at the Hideout.

You’re getting closer to the Seven Generation’s Ahead Microbrew Review in Oak Park on August 22; the  Eat-in at Daley Plaza with Slow Food Chicago for better school lunches, August 26 and Cork and Crayons, the benefit for Purple Asparagus on August 30

Tomatofest September 10 is still ahead.

But don’t dawdle on the Local Beet’s September 20 Farm dinner, tickets are selling fast.