Every Week Needs a Linky Wednesday – UPDATED

August 12, 2009 at 8:48 am

Rob Gardner

Every week needs a linky Wednesday.

We need to keep up with the organic v. conventional debate.  On LTHForum.com, I think we get that sense that some people just do not like organic because it’s a bunch of dirty fucking hippies.  Interestingly, despite the widely reported notion that this British study did not show any advantage, nutritionally, to organic foods, the study did show differences, especially in nitrogen content.  Tom Philpott leaps at that to show why it matters.

And since we do believe in organics, we need to at least think about what the CTrib reported today about our local peaches.

We need to know some Chicago area places to eat at before they die.

We need to know what to do with a lamb heart.

I recently got my hands on the recipes from last week’s Country Chef Challenge at Daley Plaza, but until I get around to that post, we need to know what happened from Alan “Jazzfood” Lake at Gaper’s Block.

We need to know of all the local booze fermenting in Chicago (via).

We need to know that the inimitable, just call her Joan, just Joan, won the Grub Street Chicago Share Our Strength/Taste of the Nation ticket give away.  (Hey, all you second placers, consider going anyways!)

We also need to know from Grub Street Chicago which local celebrities are locavores.


More reasons for links:

Another thing about the dirtyfuckinghippies we need to know, if you talk some of the local farmers that are growing food, and not just corn-soy (or as we like to say at the Local Beet, ethanol and HFCS), they’ll tell you how they are not exactly well received by their neighbors.  It’s the D-F-H thing  I believe.  See here for a bit more.

So, let’s screw the organic debate anyways, and we need to think about sustainable farming practices from our local farmers.

Templeton moving towards growing their own rye in Iowa.  We give them a woot!

God, people love Hot Doug’s (hey, I like the place too, but not like that line like), but this is the kind of local dog that we wish we had here in Chicago.

This is SO helpful for those trying to eat local.  We think we need an entire series on single vegetable usage.

We need to see if we can get our hands on this local cheese.  Speaking of local cheese, we did not win this year’s American Cheese Society but did pretty good nonetheless.  Blogging about the awards has been on my to-do list for a while, but until I fully understand Getting Things Done, get the recap from Cheese Underground.

We want to know if you are you keeping up with the pro-food movement?

Did you go for the off-menu items at the market last week?

We want you to meet Brenda who served this Local Family  a mean lunch a few years ago in Minneapolis.

Lastly, the Beet gets its own good link today.  We think you should double woot.


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