What Goes Better with Bacon than Artists and Tomatoes

August 10, 2009 at 8:51 pm

Hey, one of the artier guys we know, Seth Zurer, is leading something soon called Baconfest, and some of the festier people we know, Damien and Alana from TomatoFest, want artists to make a poster for their BLT Bonanza that is part of TomatoFest. They say:

We invite you, local design student/art enthusiast/amateur photoshop whiz, to create our official Old School BLT Bonanza poster. The winning poster will be put up in some of the finest restaurants around the city to indicate their participation in this event. The winning designer will have their name on the press release and opportunities for future freelance jobs, too.

It is important to the participating restaurants that the poster looks clean and sophisticated. Chicago TomatoFest would like it to evoke fresh food, health, sun, summertime, sustainable/local agriculture and the space of Chicago. Please read our mission statement for a better idea of our perspective!

You can cook, grow, eat and now get involved in the local food movement through your god-given artistic talents.

Not only do we look forward to seeing the wonderful designs (and have hopes on poaching the talent for the Local Beet), but we look forward to tasting all the BLTs said poster will advertise. In case you do not know, the TomatoFest people are asking local chefs to create a BLT using locally grown heirloom tomatoes and locally bred pork, ideally from a heritage breed. Would I sound like a dork if I say yum?

You know which chefs have agreed to make a BLT worthy of this pending poster? Chefs from the Gage, Blackbird, Local Beet contributor Pat Sheerin of the Signature Room, Mark Mendez of Carnivale who has an exciting farm menu this week that we will tell you about tomorrow; Philip Foss of Lockwood, who can cook and blog better than me, and many more to come.

So go boot up that Apple you never use any more ’cause you’ve gone to work for the Man. Unleash your locally inspired talent with some Green Fairy from North Shore Distillery, and make the winning design. Fame, fortune and perhaps a nod of approval from Seth Z are in your cards.