No Peach Leaves on Menu Monday

August 10, 2009 at 10:02 am

Rob Gardner

Mine is not to sleep late, even on weekends.  In fact especially on weekends, because that is the time we can take Molly the Eat Local Dog to the expanded Oak Park dog park.  She gets to be free, free, free.  So, we set the alarm on Saturdays to ensure we are up by around 630.  It has the added benefit of getting us to the market early.  Except this Saturday when I awoke, I awoke to the sound of pouring rain.  I love Molly the Eat Local Dog.  I just do not love her quite as much as standing in pouring rain for her to run free (I will stand in a good hard drizzle but that’s neither here nor there to the story at hand).  I put myself back in bed and slept, surprisingly, to past 830.  With this and that, we were not off to the market until around 10.  We picked the worst week to do this.

For one thing, most “normal” people go to the market around 10.  We had to compete for parking with them.  And we all had to compete with the people there for the Oak Park Book fair at the nearby high school.  And market shoppers, late risers, book buyers alike had to deal with the fact that the parking garage across from the market was temporarily closed.  We picked the worst week to be late.

I would have just high tailed away.  After all I could easily find another market on Sunday using the Local Beet’s market locator.  I mean I’m always keen on seeing Vera V and her stand at the Logan Square Market.  Yet, I had one reason I had to go to Oak Park.  Becky from Hardin Farms was supposed to bring me peach leaves for my peach wine project.  It was one of those things that if I did not show up at the market, she would have the leaves.

If I did show up, finally finding a parking spot, she would have forgot the leaves.  She did promise me she would bring them.  Just call to remind; she gave me a number.  I did buy four quarts of her peaches, no leaves.  Plus raspberries and blackberries from Walt Skibbes for a berry crostada my wife had already started the crust, and one large Italian heirloom tomato to go with the fresh mozz we got from Joe at Brunkow.  That was it.  We peeled out in search of Katy’s Noodles.

We are not short of local food in the Local Bungalow.  We still have u-pick blueberries.  My wife insists she will also use the currants she bought and the rhubarb from Wisconsin.  The CSA box just keeps on giving us bell pepper after bell pepper, but not in the color my wife likes.  The CSA box also gave us eight ears of corn, two bags of rocket, a basketball sized muskmelon, more cukes but not more zukes.

The zukes we did have went into a Friday night frittata.  Also on Friday, I stuffed our Melrose peppers with a combination of two Roth Kase cheeses (butterkase and Gran Canara) (plus some smoked paprika) and fried them up.  On Friday we finished the cauliflower my wife had sauteed earlier in the week , but now we have a whole new one to work with from the Thursday CSA.

Our Thursday CSA box actually did not enter the house until Friday AM.  Thursday after the Country Chef Challenge, we found half price tickets for Spring Awakening that we could not resist, and when we find ourselves going to the theater, we like to go to the downtown Rosebud, the most glamorous hamburger spot around.  I did make my Friday lunch from leftover Rosebud skirt steak, the rocket, some sungold tomatoes and one of our many, many cucumbers.

Before Thursday’s CSA we had a meal of pasta cooked with our Wisconsin tiny beets and their greens and before that it was a divided Local Family with the girls in Wisconsin and the Dad making do with many Greek salads.

We leave on Friday on a roadtrip to Pittsburgh where the salads come with french fries (woot!).  This means a rather mad dash to deal with the food around.  My wife has been promising corn soup.  There is still that crostada.  A lot of peppers to go through.  But no need to put up peach wine this week.