Did You Put Up Applesauce or Anything Else This Week?

August 7, 2009 at 8:35 am

Sorry if I have not asked earlier. I guess it was ’cause this Local Family did not put much effort into food preservation this week. It does not mean we are bereft of put-away though. Drying peppers takes not much more than neglect, something I have long mastered. About eight long green banana type peppers near my dining room window went and turned themselves vividly red and are now on there way to being helpfully shriveled. They will be good friends of mine this winter because of my neglect.

Have you done more? This is the time to put up applesauce. The summer apples all over the markets now, the Lodi, Pristine’s and especially the Transparants, make for the best sauce. I sometime wonder if people say that, people meaning the people selling them say that, because the summer apples go soft so quickly. There response to an angry customer who wondered why her apples were so mushy. Sauce ‘em. Still, these apples, with their intense sweet-tart flavors shine through the cooking process. Apple sauce can be canned if you have limited freezer space, but it stays just as well with the easier freezing. I’ll save it for Melissa or someone else though, to provide a recipe.

Make some applesauce for the winter. For additional background, here’s the Local Beet’s Guide to Preserving the Seasonal Bounty. Tell us what you are doing.



  1. I spent an hour or so freezing about 5 double-portions of Nichols green beans. Trim, wash, blanch, shock, freeze, and vacuum-seal. It sounds like a lot, but it didn’t take me all that long, and I’ve made a pretty good addition to my winter stock.

  2. Paulette Gardner says:

    This week I made a half gallon of gardinera, bread & butter pickles, apricot jam, peach plum jam, pesto and froze other herbs. Also made caponata that I froze.

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