Bloggin’ My CSA: Delivery Four

August 5, 2009 at 8:19 pm

A quick roundup of the delivery #3 usage. You’ve already seen the swiss chard tacos, which were clearly the highlight of this delivery. The green beans were pan-roasted with new potatoes and garnished with queso fresco:

Broccoli was roasted, cucumbers went into salads, and zucchini became more latkes (they’re popular in our house this year). Unfortunately, the celery did not survive. It was only a few days before it was wilted soft. I forgot about it. A few days later and it was completely unusable. (Oddly, I have a few stalks of standard organic celery from Whole Foods that’s a month old and it seems as good as new). So, 100% usage will not be, but maybe 97.5%?

Now, delivery four

This one is a little more fun than the last super green one. The contents:

  • Green beans: I can never have too many. I just blanched and froze 3lbs. from Nichols
  • Red “bottle” onions: Onions go easy in this house. I use them in everything.
  • New potatoes: always make me think of roast chicken for some reason.
  • Chives: will go in everything this week. They already went into a salad and omelet that I made for dinner tonight.
  • Carrots: some of these will wind up in stock. My stock stocks are low. The rest? Roasted, most likely. Maybe a salad. Or maybe that Indian carrot dessert?
  • More zucchini = more latkes
  • Cucumbers: no problem
  • Fennel: my favorite part of this delivery. Also steers me towards roast chicken.
  • Portobello caps: I have a glut of River Valley criminis in the fridge right now. I’m getting a bit tired of mushrooms.

Let me know what you’d do with some of these things.

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  1. Matt Bergman says:

    My wife and I are roasting a chicken for dinner tomorrow, any suggestions how to incorporate the fennel?

    • If you normally roast veggies under the chicken, you can just cut it up into chunks and roast it along with potatoes and carrots. Fennel roasted in chicken drippings is one of my favorite things. Garnish with the fronds.

      It also goes nicely raw as a side salad to roast chicken. Slice it as thinly as possible and dress it in a vinaigrette (use the fronds too).

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