Another Go At Linky Wednesday

August 5, 2009 at 12:45 pm

Rob Gardner

Our weekly voyage through the online world of local eating and related topics.  In fact the two biggest items this week fall clearly in the category of “related topics.”

First, we have the claim last week that a review of fifty years worth of studies showed that organic foods were no healthier than conventionally produced foods, a conclusion that got widely reported at major media sites.  It did not take me more than a few seconds of thinking to question how a fifty year old studies could be compared to modern nutritional science.  My wife also easily picked up on the notion that conventional food of yore was produced a lot closer to the organic of today, negating the ability to look at these things over time.  Paula at Civil Eats has both of those criticisms as well as a whole lot more to show that maybe, well, in fact, organic is better.  Think her rebuttals will get as much media attention?

Then, we have the biggest name in the sustainable food world saying what we having been saying for a while, what’s number three on our 18 point guide to living local: cook and bake instead of just watching shows on cooking and baking.  Jason Haas believes that Pollan’s a bit too pessimistic.  On the other hand, this blogger goes on (and on and on and on) on why she believes Pollan’s a little too simplistic.  Here’s a local boy going after Michael.  And more from Salon.  Me, I think Pollan’s on to something.  A few days even before Pollan, Tracey Morgan on Twitter pointed me to this list of ten tips to improve your cooking instantly.

And this also falls into the related category, but hunger and food pantries are vitally important.  Kaitlin Olsen at Gaper’s Block informs us that “The Greater Chicago Food Depository is launching a public awareness campaign this week to celebrate its 30th anniversary of serving hungry men, women and children in the Chicago area.”

And, and bigger than just local food, real food, but spent wisely.

Donut peaches and peach donuts.  Brilliant!

Eating local is the new kissing babies, no?

Hey Lee, what do we need to do to make the all-star team next year?

Check back in later, I might have a few more.