Linky Wednesday

July 29, 2009 at 8:40 am

Rob Gardner

A romp through the world of local eating:

Crib sheet for better eating.

What do you know about the Green Resolution for Chicago?  Sula has the latest.  First brought to our attention by Martha here.

Remember that Wal-Mart “farmer’s market” we talked about last week?  WBEZ’s 848 has more (via).

Since I have no camera to record my delicious Prairie Fruits Farms meal, nor have I even described it yet, here’s a link to another of their farm dinner’s this year (with a certain locavore favorite chef).

Invest in local food (via).

Lee gets Lenny to dish on why food is not really supposed to be cheap.

Laying down roots for a local food system in Ohio.

Monica eats on the farm.

How hard is it to eat local?

Got weed?

Got beet?

Sneak peak at upcoming Wisconsin cheese event.

Next week is National Farmer’s Market Week!

A Local Appetite for eating around Brooklyn.

The Five Stones of Pro Food.

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