Wednesday Late Eat Local Links

July 22, 2009 at 10:11 pm

Rob Gardner

While it’s still Wednesday, here’s some links for mid-week reading:

Just Can It!  The Sun Times has a whole host of articles related to home canning.

Trib has a little, little known background on Green City Market, including when they plan on organic certification insistence and who is not organic.

And the big local, local news, is the ability of Wal-Mart to foster off something called a “farmer’s market” on the South Side.   Here’s Gaper’s Block’s take.  Chicagoist digs in too.  Zachary Adam Cohen has a little background on Wal-Mart.

Also at the Chicagoist, Chuck is hep on a local beer, Metropolitan’s Flywheel lager.

SELF Magazine says think about more than yourself, think of Beth Ann Levendoski and the work she is doing to promote sustainable food (via).

An interesting way they’re eating local in Tennessee.

Have you checked in on these people eating local around the USA?  How ’bout the folks eating local in Nova Scotia?

Know what Local Washing is (you should)?

Do you really know how to eat local?  Well?

Last, just remember, your favorite restaurant might use more local than you think (oh, if only!)


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  1. Thanks for the great link Rob! Appreciate it mightily!

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