Eat Local Later – How Are You Preparing

July 16, 2009 at 7:04 am

We are all in the the thrall of local now.  Do we choose the red cherries or the yellow.  Rocket or lettuce in the salad.  It is easy to eat local now.  It is also the time to ensure you can eat local later.  For background on how to store and preserve your food, see the guide we published last year.  We also have some cool materials on home canning that we will soon publish.

The Local Family’s preservation activities this week: my wife blanched and froze a ton of peas.  Chef Sheerin notes what they are doing at the Signature Room:

This is a crazy and exciting time in the kitchen. We have started the pickling process for our summer menu with the first round of rhubarb, green tomatoes and ramps, and a ton of strawberries came in so that we can make jam for Sunday brunch service.

The reasons to eat local are just as good, just as valid, just as urgent in February as they are in July. What are you doing to eat local later?