It’s Linky Wednesday

July 15, 2009 at 10:11 am

Rob Gardner

A romp through the local food world: Linky Wednesday:

Michelle Obama’s interested in good food and not afraid to show it.

Mark your calendars.  August 26, we eat-in at Daley Plaza to raise awareness of the dreadful state of school lunches.  Volunteers also needed.

Go play bingo tonight at the Hideout to benefit Chicago’s community gardens.

I have a feeling you’ll be hearing a lot more about Michigan wines soon, so to get you anticipatin’, Lori Rackl at the Sun Times bikes through some of Michigan’s prime wine country.

I have a mulberry weed tree growing in the space between my house and my neighbors.  Good things can be done with it.

Monica interviews farmer’s market advocate Dr. Preston Maring.

What’s more local than a gyro

God, I love a farm dinner.  I cannot believe I missed out on the chance to have Iron Chef-testant Paul Virant cook for me at Prairie Fruit Farms (although through the good fortune of a friend I will get a Prairie Fruit Farm dinner in a few weeks; the entire series is sold out).  Want to see why a farm dinner is so good.  Go read Chuck’s meal from the other night at Wisconsin’s River Valley Kitchen.  Then, keep you eyes open for details of a Local Beet harvest dinner in September.

They love being locavores in Philly.  They really love eating local in Canada.  But they’re extra focused on sustainable food in San Francisco.  It’s not just a big city thing either.

The invaluable Cheese Underground discusses raw milk.  The equally invaluable Lee Zukor interviews Sophia Joanes, Director of Fresh.

Sula’s got your Baconfest news.

Do you follow the market scenes?

Got any other good eat local links for us?  Check back later, there might be more.