How Much Local Can You Find Your Local Calendar

July 10, 2009 at 8:37 am

Rob Gardner

We are in the height of the finding local season portion of the Local Calendar.  Farmer’s market operate in all parts of the Chicago area.  In fact, if you do not know where the closest market to you is, you have not been making good use of our Market Locator.  It should be easy to find and buy farm fresh produce.  So, let’s see what other local foods you can find to fill your shopping cart.

Your eggs should be local.  KennyZ sez get to Green City Market early to grab those available from Mint Creek Farm.  On a good week, Dennis and Emily Wettstein bring duck eggs to the Oak Park Market–it all depends on the ducks not the good works of Dennis and Emily.

You should be grilling local burgers.  Do you know you can pick up Heartland beef raised in Illinois at the Mt. Prospect Farmer’s Market.  Would not you like to bake some buns for those burgers with locally ground grains?  I highly endorse a visit out to the water driven, historical gristmill near Elkhart, Indiana, Bonnyville for a full range of stuff.

They might not be the best tomatoes of the year, but early season tomatoes are showing up in the markets.  Don’t you want to make a local BLT.  Whip up your own mayo; then find yourself some bacon made from pigs who pasture luxuriously in Northern Indiana.  Take a trip down to Beverly to pick up some of the great bacon from C&D Farms.

Another outstanding product from Indiana that you should be tracking down is the award winning yogurts from Traders Point Creamery.  You might even want to go visit them.  Closer to home, Cassie’s Green Grocer is one place you’ll always find them.   While at Cassie’s, pick up some Nice Cream ice creams made down the street from her.   (Read more Nice Cream here!)

I know there are some out there who are not the biggest fans of Whole Foods, and I for one think they can be doing a way better job of offering local fruits and vegetable.  Still, go to Whole Foods for the sour cream and cottage cheese from Iowa’s Farmer’s All Natural Creamery.

You do know you can get local sugar at Costco.  Although you should see how far you can get by with honey even more local.

Check back later, I might have a few more local items to add put on your agenda this weekend.  In the meantime, let us know any other local foods you may be looking for, and me and the rest of the Beet team will try our best to help you track them down.