The Return of Linky Wednesday

July 8, 2009 at 11:08 am

Rob Gardner

No whirlwind trip to Muncie, IN this Wednesday.  Instead, the usual whirlwind trip through the world of local food on the Internets.

How ’bout getting started with a recipe for that most dreaded of CSA inclusions, the kohlrabi?  On the other hand, it may be a lot more fun to run into some wild berries as Local Beet contributor Cynthia Clampett did.  And try sour cherries in that clafouti.

Then, see how good Lee Zukor’s got his Minneapolis eat local site a-lookin’.

Save the date of August 26 for Slow Food Chicago’s Eat-In at Daley Plaza.

Wish Jill and La Vida Locavore a happy 1 year blogiversary.  She makes Linky Wednesday look like nursery school.

Go “pro food” with Zachary Cohen.  He’s really been on a roll of late.

Check out how they are eating local in New Hampshire’s Seacost.

Or right here at home.  These shy woman too are local in Chicago.  Don’t call this local guy a locavore but he make pretty good use of local foods.

You think eating local in Chicago is tricky, what about the Black Hills of South Dakota?

Did you realize there were six good reasons why you ate local on the 4th of July?

Oddly enough, they need to encourage more local eating in Malaysia.

Check back in later for maybe a few more links.  I’m off to eat some not very local food at Freddy’s in Cicero.


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  1. art says:

    Great links!

    Thanks for making me aware of the Black Hills blog, I’ll be following it from now on. What a great example of how good, natural food can be found just about anywhere.

    Good food for everyone!

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