Bloggin’ My CSA: Delivery #1 is Over

July 4, 2009 at 6:04 pm

We’re a few days away from delivery #2 and I’m going to call delivery #1 “consumed”. This is a good first step toward my goal of 100% consumption.

Here’s where it went:

  • Green garlic went just about everywhere: pizza, salads, eggs, sautees, sauces. I have the tops in the freezer and they’ll get used in a stock sometime in the future.
  • The rhubarb and most of the strawberries went into a crisp. The rest of the strawberries went into my Cheerios.
  • The mushrooms went three places: with eggs, into a quick veggie curry that we had this week, and onto homemade pizzas tonight.
  • All the mint went into mint chocolate chip ice cream (my favorite food) that my wife made for dessert tomorrow night.
  • The spinach was eaten with my high-roast chicken
  • The lettuce went into a lot of salads, the last of which will be eaten tonight.
  • The peas were eaten out of hand and in salads.
  • The zucchini was partially eaten by my twin sons (about 1 year old) and the rest will go into a pork and squash taco filling that I’m making for tomorrow night’s dinner.
  • The eggs were eaten as eggs are, as well as in the ice cream mentioned above.I’m looking forward to delivery #2, but I’m a little nervous about it. We go on a three day vacation the day after the delivery arrives. I’ll try to use as much as possible the night we get it and try to freeze/store everything properly before we leave.

    UPDATE: Here’s that pizza I mentioned. There’s mushrooms in there, I swear. (plus Nichols broccoli, onions, garlic, Saxon cheese, local mozz.)