Stop Me Before I Buy Again

July 2, 2009 at 9:01 am

Rob Gardner

It was quite the eat local adventure yesterday, hanging with a an Iron Chef-testant, a Master Canner, a writer about town and the owners of the entire home canning market.  Expect to hear more on the Local Beet soon.  While the day was all about learning to make your stash last, I had the most fun doing what I do best, adding to my home stash.  I am feeble in the face of farmers selling at markets.

If you want to worship home canning, you go to Minnetrista, in Muncie Indiana.  You can visit a museum dedicated to Ball and the art of canning as well as see some of the wealth accumulated by the Ball family as a result of home canning.  And you can go to Minnetrista for a farmer’s market on Wednesdays and Saturdays .  The Wednesday market is in the afternoon.  The Saturday market is in the morning.

Look at Muncie on a map, and it does not look that much further south than Chicago, but you go to that market, and you see it, or at least the farmers who vend there, are several zones from us.  It looked a hell of a lot like summer at the market yesterday.  I’m not sure why I passed on sweet onions.  I know why I passed on sweet corn, because I only buy sweet corn when I know I have an upcoming meal dedicated to it.  And really, I do not know why I bought half the stuff I bought, as it is not like we need food in the Bungalow.   Yet there they were, cucumbers, had to have some.  Cherry tomatoes, had to have some.  Gooseberries, had to have some, although having bought them from the first spotting, I wondered if I picked the best gooseberry vendor.  I also wonder if maybe Chef Virant got the better of the black raspberries than me, as we munched on his purchase in the car.  I had no conniption about buying all of the dug that day red potatoes for the ungodly good price of 99 cent/lb.  I would have had no conniption about buying apples in June if Cathy2 had not grabbed all of the yellow transparents on offer.

Those gooseberries, which may or may not have been the best in Muncie, will almost for sure go in a fool, one of the easiest things to do.  A dessert even I can manage.

I do believe, I hope, that I will have to miss the Eli’s Cheesecake event today to make up for the work I missed yesterday.  That way Chad Nichol’s will not be able to lure me into fava beans or any more local foods.  I will have to hold out until Saturday’s Oak Park Market.


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  1. Kyle says:

    Glad you had fun in Muncie! You’re welcome anytime, and the sweet onions were spectacular, I think you missed out

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