Nothing Like Good, Clean Film: Fresh, the Movie

July 1, 2009 at 12:29 pm

“Good morning, ladies,” Joel Salatin greets a coop of chickens. It’s clear that Salatin respects animals. His cows graze on actual grass, his chickens are allowed to parade their “chickenness” around the farm. When you farm, he says, you’re farming land. Take care of the grass an animal roams and grazes on, and the grass will take care of the animal.

Salatin is one of the farmers featured in Fresh, a documentary about the production of unindustrialized food. Though the message is similar to that of Food, Inc., another recent documentary on the industrialization of food and (to borrow a Michael Pollan phrase) food-like substances wrapped in shiny plastic and sold in grocery stores across America, Fresh focuses more on farmers who farm sustainably, sans flashy computer generated graphics. (Both films, however, do feature Pollan and Salatin.)

Fresh briefly touches on the urban farming movement, showing farmer Will Allen give a tour of the three-acre Growing Power farm to a group in Milwaukee.

It does seem that, if two recent documentaries on the subject of sustainable eating are any indication, the idea of eating locally is indeed officially a movement. As Pollan says, “It’s true that local organic food costs more. It’s worth more, too.”

For more information about the film, visit, and stay tuned for information on additional Chicago screenings. ***(I was told that they’re trying to screen the film again in Chicago. I wrote down my email so hopefully someone will let me know when that is.)

Also, a large thanks to the No Exit Café for hosting the screening and serving some mighty fine fair trade coffee.


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  1. Matt Hoffman says:


    Thanks so much for the write-up! We were so encouraged by the turn-out last night – it’s great to see people coming together to discuss sustainable food. We will definitely let you know when we have details for the next screening.



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