Local Meal Pic of the Moment: Pasta Edition

July 1, 2009 at 8:19 pm

Fresh homemade pasta sheets (pappardelle?) made w/local eggs from my CSA and non-local semolina flour, Nichols Farm cauliflower, Twin Oak bacon.

Served with a green salad using romaine and the last of the peas from CSA delivery #1. Washed it down with New Holland’s Golden Cap Saison Ale.

CSA Delivery #1
Status Check:

All I’ve got left is some romaine lettuce, mushrooms, green garlic, some eggs, and one zucchini. Most of that will be gone in the next few days.



  1. seth says:

    I finished off my spinach from last week tonight. 3 rhubarb stalks went to waste, and I have almost a whole head of romaine left. The young garlic is getting old. I’ll be glad when Sula’s back and I have a more reasonable amount of produce to consume. This week’s delivery: no fruit at all; just like you predicted. Oh well. The garlic scape / spinach pesto was good.

  2. Rob Gardner says:

    Throw the rotting rhubarb into vodka for a decent infusion.

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