Local Meal Pic of the Moment

June 27, 2009 at 10:09 am

This meal uses a couple ingredients from Homegrown Wisconsin CSA Delivery #1, but the featured player is the chicken from Wisconsin Pasturelands, purchased via Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks.

Butterflied, “high-roast” chicken is one of my favorite Cook’s Illustrated recipes. Essentially, it involves seasoning and oiling (butter in this case) a butterflied, brined chicken and roasting it at 500 degrees for about 40 minutes on a broiler pan. I skip the brine and I don’t seem to really suffer for it. The chicken always comes out nicely cooked, juicy, and with absurdly brown and crispy skin. The beauty of this recipe is not in the simplicity of the roast, but the secret side dish: line the bottom of the roasting pan with foil and cover with a layer of thin-sliced potatoes tossed lightly in oil and seasoned (German butter potatoes from Nichol’s, in this case). The potatoes receive drippings of chicken fat and you wind up with beautiful, schmaltz-y home fries as a side dish. (Larger potatoes are better, the smaller ones tend to over-cook a bit, as seen in this picture). It’s really a beautiful, low-maintenance way to cook a whole chicken and potatoes.

I sauteed my CSA’s spinach with some of the green garlic I had and pan-roasted some whole River Valley mushrooms. I washed it all down with a bottle of Tyranena Scurvy IPA. A nice meal. Everything’s local but the salt, pepper, and oil.