Linky Wednesday

June 24, 2009 at 5:59 pm

Rob Gardner

Today’s whirl around the localfoodiverse:

Via the omnipresent Helen R, we learn that steak and potatoes locavore chef, Rick Gresh now has a blog.  We’ll keep an eye on the garden.

Then we learn that Helen and my Mom share a love for this book.  I can personally vouch for the ricotta salata and gravlax recipes.  Put it on your eat local book shelf.

I can vouch for these goat kids because I have had their stuff more than a few times at Vie.

Seeking to conquer all of America’s fading industrial glory, Michael Symon has his sights on…Milwaukee!

Cattail shoots seem the ingredient of the moment.  They’re even showing up in CSAs, just not my CSA.

Purple Asparagus needs volunteers for their Millenium Park Family Fun Tent.  Contact Melissa at if you can help. 

Chuck finds one of our favorite Wisconsin breweries sneaking into our territory.

Slow Food USA wants you to take better care of your kid’s school lunchesCivil Eats has much too.  We should all care.

Are you having a hard time finding local beef? (Via the indispensable Jill Richardson.)

Drink local gin.

Hey, get us on this list!