Blogging My CSA: Delivery #1 Arrives

June 24, 2009 at 8:17 pm

Once again, my wife and I are subscribers of a Homegrown Wisconsin CSA half-share. This means we’ll be receiving ten bi-weekly deliveries of organically-grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs (along with eggs for an extra charge).

Click here for a rundown of the 2008 delivery: Anatomy of a CSA

I’ll be recounting the deliveries and what we wind up doing with everything in this blog. For those of you who are HGW subscribers, or subscribers to any other CSA, I hope you’ll join in the discussion and tell us what you do with your haul.

My personal goal is 100% usage. No edible food wasted. I came close last year, but some stuff just didn’t make it.

So, let’s get started:

Clockwise from bottom: Green garlic, rhubarb, button mushrooms, mint (in a baggie), spinach, eggs, lettuce (red leaf), strawberries, snap peas, lettuce (unknown variety), zucchini.

The first thing to be eaten will most definitely be the red-leaf lettuce. In my experience, this does not have a long shelf life at all.

Here are a couplecloseups and some thoughts about what I got:

Green garlic is one of my favorite ingredients to work with. These stalks are so fresh that you can smell the earth on them and you can feel that they’re still full of moisture. I’ve purchased an absurd amount of green garlic this year, and I’m sure I’ll find plenty of uses for this.

Strawberries will mostly be eaten out of hand, some will wind up with the rhubarb in a dessert, I’m sure. I’ll probably also be eating the snap peas out of hand, since I’ve never found a better way to enjoy them.

I was a bit surprised to see the size of zucchini that we received (see foreground of main photo). All I’ve seen in farmers markets to this point are little babies. This one is a foot long. Huge.

I’ll have no problem using the mushrooms and spinach (common ingredients in our house), and eggs are a staple here. All-in-all this is a pretty easy delivery: no challenging ingredients and a lot of stuff that’s eaten raw/fresh: lettuce, berries, peas. I think I’ll go have some berries right now.

Follow this space for more CSA updates. More photos here.

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  1. chriswei says:

    I picked up my first Homegrown Wisconsin half-share this afternoon, and it looks remarkably similar to this! I’m sure the rhubarb and strawberries will end up together in some fashion.

    Any suggestions and/or recipes for green garlic?

  2. You can use green garlic just like regular garlic, but it’s more delicate and I tend to go more towards the raw side with it. It works great as an addition to any sautee, just add it right at the end. That’s how I primarily use it. Here it is quickly sauteed and mixed with yogurt for a garnish for lamb patties:

    and here it is chopped up and added to a spinach pizza:

    You can also slice it very thin and use it in salads.

    You can use the whole thing, up to the really dark green, woodsy parts. I throw those in the freezer and use for stock.

  3. They all seem like reasonable amounts of food. Not an overwhelming heap of any one product (especially the less popular ones).

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