Adventures in Freezerland

June 24, 2009 at 3:58 pm

In order to get  drenched at the Slow Food Summer Solstices Pot-luck last week, I did not need to visit the ice castle that is my deep basement freezer.  With no such plans this week, it was de-frost Wednesday at the Bungalow.

I zeroed in on a vein of shelf with known lifeforms of Shabbat-worthy protein.  With handy meat tenderizer hammer and stainless bowl by my side, I gingerly looked for signs.  The first, ham hocks.  Not dinner, but good for the kale safely in the next door fridge.  Next, I found a big old ham from my Facebook friends at C&D Pastured Pork.  I happily came up, telling my wife that a nice traif dinner was in hand.

She sent me back to rescue.  See, she likes to cook that ham, like Crystal, in the slow cooker, but Molly the Eat Local Dog’s been cramping our eat local lifestyle by doing things like, oh, breaking the slow cooker.  I offered to bbq the ham.

I chipped away.  I found pork chops, Wettstein pork chops.  I knew that one pack would not be enough as we had plans on company.  I found another package of Wettstein pork chops.  I thought, this was not one of these 2 plus 2 situations.  One package would not be enough; two too many.  I did, however, find some other packages of smaller pork chops from a Dane County vendor.  I returned happily.

I got sent down again.  I’ll skip why pork chops did not work, because between you and me, I’m not quite sure why either.  This time I said, “I aint entering that blizzard alone.  You gotta come too.”  So, she did.

And she found stock to make me asparagus-pea risotto for dinner tonight.  She found sun dried tomatoes that she insisted we needed in some dish, and she found a big log of pork shoulder that will make some kind of good dinner on Friday, especially if we have some company over.