Peas & Carrots in this Local Calendar – UPDATED

June 19, 2009 at 8:46 am

Rob Gardner


It takes just about to the start of summer to get the classic spring crop, peas, around these parts.  Market shoppers should expect to find peas in several variants this week at their markets: shelling peas where you just eat the bean; snow peas with about no bean, you eat the shell, and sugar snaps where you eat both bean and shell.  You should also find other pea stuff like tendrils and pea leaves.  Go to Chinatown and see how they cook the pea parts if you need ideas on those things.  In addition to the peas, the first carrots are arriving.  Chad Nichols of Nichols Farm, told me yesterday that this is primo time for carrots, as they are at their youngest. 

Ask any area farmer, and they will tell you the havoc the weather has brought on them this year.  Still, the ever-present rains are good for some crops.  Take another trip to Chinatown to realize that lettuce does not have to be restricted to salad because we are having a banner year for lettuces.  Sandhill Organics at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market always has a nice display of lettuces.  To find out who else has nice displays of lettuce, use our market finder to find a market near you.

Need a market besides the market near you.  Try Logan Square on Sunday.  Besides buying from Beet writer/farmer Vera V, you can participate in Food for Peace.  Community artists are gathering in the market to promote a cease fire and culture of peace and unity in Logan Square. 

Need a big, big dinner later that day?  Mado’s been selling out their tables most nights these days, but they still have a few slots open for their lamb celebration.  A real chance to eat the whole beast.  And since it’s BYOB, bring a good Bordeaux.

Need to work up an appetite for that big dinner?  Take Fork and the Road’s first tour this Sunday.  All that BBQ will just be an appetizer.

Can’t wait until Sunday?  There’s a couple of great local food events tonight, Friday.  Gaper’s Block has all the info on semi-secret fundraiser being put together for WBEZ’s Sound Opinions program.  FOB Candid Wines and Damian Casten are also involved.  This Local Family will be joining Slow Food Chicago at the Chicago Honey Co-op for a pot luck dinner tonight.

Gotta run, check back in later today for more events.


Find time to see Food Inc. now playing at the Landmark in Chicago.  The Reader calls it a Critics Choice.

Think about those with access to any food, let alone local food.  Walk for Hunger with the Greater Chicago Food Depository on Saturday June 20.

I had my first tipple of local absinthe last week, trying the green fairy produced by Lake Bluff’s North Shore Distillery.  Try some yourself and see how it compares to non-local absinthe’s at a tasting this Tuesday, June23 at Delilah’s (2771 N. Lincoln, Chicago). 

In need of a roadtrip.  How ’bout Holland Michigan?  Chuck Sudo at the Chicagoist certainly makes the journey seem worthwhile, even if you do not have Paul Kahn as your wheel-man.  Start here and work backwards.

Itching to drive even further?  Ann Arbor’s a great food town.  You can add to your Ann Arbor fun this weekend by learning how to can at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market with the Mother’s Kitchen.

If you don’t want to drive all the way to Michigan but want to feel like you’ve gone away, try Elburn.  Heritage Prairie Market is having a pig roast to celebrate Father’s Day.


Join the Local Beet for a farm dinner on September 20, 2009.  Details to come


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  1. Damien says:

    Rob -

    The Experimental Station is having its benefit this Thursday night. These are great folks, and the same people behind the 61st St. Farmers’ Market. More here:

    Full disclosure – we will be there pouring biodynamic wines in support of their cause, and I love to cook in their wood fired oven.


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