Get a View of Nichol’s Farm

June 19, 2009 at 7:30 am

If you shop Chicago area farmer’s markets in the slightest, you’ve probably purchases something from Nichol’s Farm.  They are, by far, the largest market vendor in our area.  I’ll just name a few reasons I love their operations.  You can make a full diet from their output, instead of the traditional farmstand menu of corn, peppers and tomatoes, there is the same produce you could find at the supermarket.  They pride themselves on variety.  Why have strawberries when you can pick from five varieties of strawberries, and I love the wild mushrooms they bring to market, especially in the fall. 

So, if you have any interest in Nichol’s Farm, I bet you wondered what it looks like.  Chad Nichol’s, eldest scion, told me yesterday that he used Google Maps to put a little guide to their farm online.  See what you think.  As Chad was point out yesterday, it’s a bit scary the amount of detail that comes through in these satellite maps.  You get a pretty good idea of the operation though.