Be a Local Farmer – Work with Farmer Vicki

June 19, 2009 at 8:01 am

You read about farming small and not so small on the Local Beet.  Did you say to yourself, self, I want to try a bit of farming too.  Well my pal, Farmer Vicki of Genesis Growers, could use a bit of farm help.  She wrote in her weekly e-mail to CSA subscribers:

This week we have worked, worked, worked. Not only are we still short on farm workers, but we are trying to deal with planting and weeding issues. The wet fields have kept us out as far as planting goes, but causes the weeds to really sprout up. And since we are unable to get the tractors into the field we have to watch them grow – and much faster than my crops. The rains have been good for the crops, but bad for planting and cultivating.

The worst spot for weeds are the carrot and parsnip patch. The crops start out slow and it gives the weeds time to take over. Sunday Jon and myself spent our whole day working on them. We managed to totally clear out three 600 foot lines of carrot. Now we have 78 more lines to go. Daunting? Yes, it is. But,it is also a nice field to work in, with the birds singing and the breezes blowing. And, I managed to clean that field last year, so I know I can do it again this year. If anyone wants to volunteer, let me know. We have plenty of weeds to spread around!

She told me yesterday if you are interested, you can e-mail her at  In addition or otherwise, leave a comment here, and we might send a team from the Local Beet down to work the weeds.