In Need of Ire

June 18, 2009 at 7:59 am

Rob Gardner

Where’s your hit of Lee Zukor or La Vida Locavore you ask.  Do we not need to get Smart with Smart.  Should I not be pimping the Chicago debut of Food Inc.   Why yes, I have a stack of Google alerts for  both locavore and localvore in my in-box.  Should we not have had Linky Wednesday already.  Was it bad enough that Menu Monday came on Tuesday.  Will the Local Calendar arrive on Sunday night?  I realized last night why I have had a hard time getting my column out these days.  I am too satisfied.

The emergence of summer, bags and bags of lettuce and fresh fruit has left me with little to complain about.  I mean in Spring, I’m pissed that the ramps and stinging nettles and wild watercress almost wholly pass up our markets.  In Fall, I’m pissed when the markets close while plenty of great food remains in the fields.  In darkest winter, while others pine for a trip to Cancun, I pine for more rutabagas.  I mean I pine for a system that better stores local foods for us.  Now, nothing’s got my goat.

Oh, you ask, the devotee of Soriano, Soto and Lee, is not to know you to know your gripes.  Does summer mean no one has mentioned school lunches near you.  Have you forgot about a public market for Chicago.  Has Marion Nestle not mentioned food miles in a couple of days.  Why not sick some chili dusted dried mangoes on those insisting on 100 miles.  Or better, argue with Editor-in-Chief Morowitz over whether we should be called locavores.  Nope.  You know how content I am.  I had a mere sandwich of Prairie Fruit Farm fresh sheep’s milk, with Wisconsin cranberry jam on Bennison Bakery’s old world sourdough miche for dinner last night.  No need for three courses in this Bungalow.  I’m a content kind of guy.

Truth be told, as happy as that sandwich made me, I came back later that night from taking Molly the Eat Local Dog to the dog park starved.  I finished a slab of rhubarb crisp left in the fridge.  I ate two handfulls of Costco chips.  I nearly finished a quart of strawberries.  I mean I’m the kind of guy taking enough umbrage with the state of Cuban food, that he gets a response all the way from Florida.  Maybe calm and content is not my thing.  Still, I bet I can use a few more causes.  Give me some stuff to get my blood boiling.  I’ll give you some links in return.