What do Snow, Ramps, Coffee and Asparagus Have in Common?

June 17, 2009 at 8:35 am

Doug Zell of Intelligentsia Coffee would not have stumped my wife with that one.  When I told her what he asked at yesterday’s Food Trend’s Summit at Kendall College, she got the answer right away.  Seasonality.  An easy answer from the question, but would you have got it if asked more open ended?  Did you know that coffee was seasonal?  I did not.  I think like most people, I figured that un-roasted coffee could last a long time. 

Zell is on a mission to change that.  He believes, and he believes you should believe, that if you taste a coffee nearer its harvest, you will find a coffee more vibrant and robust.  I have neither the empirical basis to prove or disprove him, but as principles go, I’m down with it.  Makes sense to this eat what’s in season guy.  He says now’s the time to drink Central American coffees.  That’s what’s in season.