Meet the Beet @ Eli’s Cheesecake Farmer’s Market

June 17, 2009 at 7:49 am

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 18, the farmer’s market returns to Eli’s Cheesecake  not too far from Montrose and Oak Park Avenue (details and a map here.)  Chad Nichol’s will have a full truck of stuff from his family’s Marengo farm, and he might even dig out is tiny Webber to grill some up.  Come find your favorite variety of strawberry.  Eli’s itself is putting together a booth with assorted products from local farms and producers; for instance they should have the delicious Jersey milk cheeses from Ropp’s Farm we’ve come to love from the winter markets.  If nothing else, do what I always do, sneak away into the cafe for some cheesecake samples (as well as great deals on cheesecakes).  And…

…meet the Beet.  The Local Beet will be there, maybe not from 7 AM when you can get a free breakfast with a $5 market purchase, but we will be there for a few hours from around 10 to 1.  We can help answer any questions about local foods, what’s in season now and to come, how to preserve what is in the market now, and otherwise how to best make use of our seasonal bounty.  Or just come say hi. 

Starting the following week, the Local Beet is proud to sponsor a series of talks on local food systems.  Our first speaker is Chris Koetke of Kendall College.  The complete list of speakers is here.