Seeing Red Again on Menu Monday

June 8, 2009 at 8:40 am

Rob Gardner

Last week, I was seeing red mostly because the kids ate all the strawberries.  This week, I’m just seeing red.  That is, between the ample amount of unsprayed Farmer Vicki strawberries in the CSA box and the strawberries picked up at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market, there are actually strawberries in the house to eat.  Still, it cannot be a completely ire-less Menu Monday because the kids, left to their own devices yesterday, went through all eight or so of the Skibbes, are-delicious, delicious apples, I had bought on Saturday.  One daughter explained that apples in June tasted so much better than when we are swimming in apples in October.  True?

We also see red this week with tons more radishes and tons more rhubarb, both from the CSA box.  The box also contained lettuce mix, spinach and kale.  I did not give the kale any time to wilt in our fridge.  As it turned out, the local mystery meat covered in frost turned out, when melted, to be pork neck bones.  Who else, who I else I ask, celebrated their Sabbath meal on Friday with slow cooked pork neck bones and kale? 

In true Italian grandmother style, the remaining sauce from the neckbones will be served over pasta for one meal this week.  At another meal, I am almost sure, we will repeat duck eggs and asparagus as we still have duck eggs and we got more asparagus at Saturday’s market.  My wife pleaded that we should make asparagus for dinner every night this week, but besides countering with neckbone sauce, I also argued that we still had broccoli left to be eaten.  We have also not touched our kohlrabi from last week. It is not a thrilling Menu Monday for her.

Somewhere along the line she wants to cook up the Jewish spring soup called schav, from sorrel we bought yesterday from Vera at the Logan Square Market.  We also bought some of Vera’s green garlic, which is still young and tender.  The green garlic in Oak Park is getting to that stage where you actually have to peel it.  On the other hand, as garlic matures, the scapes become an edible add-on.  No scapes, however, in our pot this week. 

What’s on your menu this week?


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  1. kennyz says:

    that schav recipe calls for 4 pounds (4 pounds!!!) of sorrel? Seriously? I think that would cost me 50 bucks.

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