Local Mystery Meat From the Freezer for Dinner Tonight

June 5, 2009 at 8:01 am

Somewhere in the bowels of the Local Beet archives is my very first post, a post urging the essential eat local purchase, the freezer.  That post, I am pretty sure, did not contain a few warnings.  First, whether it is really worth the savings to get a non-frost-free freezer, and second whether it is worth it to have your daughters put stuff away in the freezer.  See, one of them put something in the freezer and did not close it good.  The freezer became a snapshot of Narnia gone wrong. 

Since discovering the Ice Queen’s wrath, I have been chipping away.  Still, at present, there is a lot of snow inside our freezer.  One daughter and I worked through this the other day to find some meat for dinner tonight.  I had wanted to grill pork chops for a Shabbat Tuscan night (yes in this Bungalow we have pork chops for Shabbat), but was somewhat stymied in finding them.  In fact the only things readily found were suet, pork heart and lamb tongue.  With our fingers fully numb, we grabbed the first thing that was not offal.  It went into a plastic bag so it would not drip into the refrigerator as it defrosted.  In a little while I will go downstairs to that fridge and find out what we will have for dinner tonight.