Eat Local Fish – Robert’s on Devon

June 4, 2009 at 11:23 am

In my post this AM, I realized that I forgot to provide the address for Robert’s, nice piece of whitefish, kosher fish shop on Devon.  It is 2916 W. Devon, Chicago, and the phone number is (773) 761-3424 .

Am I saying that Robert’s is the best place to source local fish?  Well, I am saying that it is worth the schlep from Oak Park, so you be the judge.  You can get a bit of ocean fish at Robert’s like salmon, but really go for the freshwater stuff.  Yesterday, besides the lake trout, there was whitefish and there was jumbo whitefish.  Jumbo you ask, well someone could grill up whitefish steaks with this one [ed. not a bad idea!]. There was also whole pike, which comes without head ’cause I guess the head is deemed too dangerous, sharp teeth and all, for kosher fishmongers.  I did not see any of the large yellow perch that Arturo had last week, yesterday.  I have the idea that they would be a good griller too.

When I picked out my nice piece of fish, trout yesterday, Arturo unleashed the insides to show me a hell of a lot of blood.  Only fish very fresh looks that gory.  And fish that fresh is all the more reason to lean towards the local.  (Although truth be told, I am not so sure it’s a good idea to eat freshwater fish too many times a week.)