Linky Wednesday

June 3, 2009 at 9:11 am

Rob Gardner

We link to many of our favorites below, but we like to start by linking to ourselves.  It is not too early to start thinking about eating local in the darker months.  Use our guide to guide.  Editor-In-Chief Morowitz is at work gettin’ asparagus put away (worth the click just for his still life vegetable pile).  Don’t forget to submit an entry in our contest for tickets to the Growing Home Benefit (thanks for the kind words GH).

We like to offer this link next, to showcase the hard work of our friends Jim Braun and Debbie Hillman in getting the IL Local Food Farms and Job Act through the Illinois General Assembly.  OK, we’ll link to us too, remember when Jim and Debbie told you this was important.

We hope you’ve already gone to the link of the Mado rave from Sunday’s NYTimes Travel section (more NYTimes below).

Lee Z always has something good for us, and today he updates us on some successful school lunch programs.  We’re inspired.

We also turn as much as possible to Tom Phillpot for awareness on food issues.  He reminds us that eating local does not just help spare the space around you, but it spares the space around other people.  There are consequences from bringing in so much food from California

We turn to the Cornucopia Institute to learn the truth on organics.  Latest, they’re looking at soy.  See how your favorites fare on their scorecard.

And God knows, we won’t forget Damian this week.  Get some tomatoes!

The woman with too many e’s in her name is another favorite, and Cincinnati Locavore, Valereee, makes us envious for a guide like this.

More envy?  How ’bout farmer’s markets in highway rest stops like they are doing in Massachusetts.

Did you see the piece on problems with organic dairy in the NYTimes.  Maybe it’s not that bad.

How ’bout this bit of Times, Bruni dissing Obama’s decision to pick locavore cuisine on his New York date night.  Oy Vay.

Need another reason to hit Madison this summer?  How ’bout the beer.  Or the cheese.  Cheese Underground recently visited two of our favorites found at the Madison market, Hooks and BleuMont.  (No offense to any of the great local markets, but we voted for Dane County as my favorite farmer’s market.  Go vote too.)

What good links did we forget this week Damian?