Winter Prep Begins: Asparagus

June 2, 2009 at 7:45 pm

I stopped by the Federal Plaza Farmers Market today and walked out with a shopping bag full of asparagus, somewhere around eight pounds. (You can get a nice deal when you buy in bulk on peak-season stuff).

I kept one bunch for near-term eating, but the rest was earmarked for fall-winter 2009-2010, when green stuff is harder to get.

So, I washed ‘em, set up a “blanch and shock” station (90 seconds in simmering water, 90 seconds in an ice bath), laid them flat in the freezer on baking sheets for two hours, and then vacuum sealed them.

They were labeled with the date and sent to the basement chest freezer. I logged them on my dry-erase board inventory so I don’t forget what’s in the chest. I’ll be adding to the inventory all summer long, hoping for a nice full freezer by the end of Sept.

Next up is some sort of soup with all the woody bottoms.