Compost Chronicles: A Request

May 31, 2009 at 10:31 am

I just received an email from Michelle Hickey, the Sustainability Project Manager of Seven Generations Ahead with the following request:

“I just met a woman last week who started a worm compost business in October. She is trying to figure out how to market and study the benefits of using her product. This will be the first growing season for her to test how effective her worm compost is in delivering nutrients to the plants. She is generating about 1 ton/week. She has already sold large volumes to some farmers, and I thought to help connect her to some who may be interested. Would you have any connections for her? It could be an arrangement where a farmer purchases the product at a discounted rate and uses it on half of the crops, observing and reporting the results to Annette.”

If anyone knows of someone who’d like to participate, please email me at