Beet Up for Red Strawberries

May 29, 2009 at 1:24 pm

Know what else you can do when you Beet-up with us tomorrow at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market? Eat red strawberries. Now, if you have been buying any strawberry anywhere you will be getting a red strawberry. But are you? See, strawberries are red damnit. As in red on the inside.  At the ones you will find Saturday at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market.  My pal Farmer Vicki of Genesis Growers has some strawberries that you do not want to eat, you just want to smell.  Nichols should have several heirloom varieties.  Walt Skibbes from Michigan is also a reliable fruit seller at the market.  Come get some red strawberries at the Beet-Up any time from 9 until 1130.

Well, well, well, Oak Park will not be the only market for real, red berries.  Most of our area markets should have strawberries this weekend (and if you need to find a market, go to our market finder on our home page).  Still, we want you to come to Oak Park to meet up with the Local Beet and your fellow eat local eaters as well as partake in the Go Green activities at the Market.  Then, we will eat some local foods at Marion Street Cheese Market around 1145 AM. 

The Oak Park Market is on Lake Street between Elmwood and Scoville.  Details here.  Marion St. Cheese Market is at 100 S. Marion, Oak Park, IL.