We Recycle – Making the Most of Seasonal Bounty

May 28, 2009 at 2:04 pm

Early last fall, we published a feature on preserving your harvest.  Our excuse for publishing it then was that it was in the middle of peak canning/freezing/cellaring season.  Truth be told, we published it then because we we were not around now.  Yes, much of your preservation is going to be done much later in the season when the tomatoes are ripest and we are beyond the summer apples.  Still, there is no reason that preservation cannot begin now.  So, we threw the article back up on our home page.  Early season vegetables like asparagus and peas are easily frozen.  Is there better jam than one made from local strawberries?  Use our recycled guide now for your seasonal bounty.  I am sure we can recycle it a few more times as we move through the year.